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We leverage abundance for a greater positive impact

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Enabling cooperation between organizations that work in the field, public entities responsible for water resources, financial institutions, research centers, innovative businesses, educational institutions and other entities in order to create sustainable changes that improve and accelerate existing solutions in the area of prevention, cleaning and the subsequent maintenance of freshwater ecosystems.


  • Leveraging the existing technical and operational knowledge on cleaning and restoring ecosystems, and organizing it according to watershed basins.

  • Maximizing the role of nature in restoration (flora and fauna).

  • Encouraging citizens to play an active role in restoring ecosystems.





We leverage abundance for a greater positive impact

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The HUB is a meeting point for entities that perform these tasks and have the experience, contacts and knowledge of the social, cultural, economic, legislative and environmental reality in each region or collective

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  • Co-creating new solutions or hybrids based on existing solutions to achieve better results and to scale their impact

  • Collecting, generating and sharing useful data for the entities that work with ecosystems

  • Designing volunteer strategies with donor institutions and companies

  • Building a global network of ambassadors/opinion leaders

  • Adjusting, integrating and proving innovative technological, non-technological, social and governance methods, including sustainable financing and citizen science


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  • Innovative creators of technological solutions with nature-based biological solutions

  • Solutions with transdisciplinary contributions: Artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, big data, photonics, anthropology, biomimetics, humanities, etc.

  • Experts around the world through LinkedIn and by creating global job listings

  • Participating entities through virtual and in-person events.

  • Capital with innovations, promoting funding and alliances.

  • Volunteers with multiple solutions and entities

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  • Creating and sharing inspirational audiovisual content

  • A marketplace where experts, businesses, communities, etc., offer their resources and propose initiatives in the ecosystems

  • Providing volunteer organizations with the right equipment for cleaning, restoring and/or measuring

  • Measuring the HUB ís role according to the number of participating entities, the number of connections made and, in summary, measuring how these efforts have contributed towards completing the mission

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