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Global. Diverse. Committed.

What unites us is the aim for cleaner, healthier, happier ecosystems.


Clean water, healthy planet, happy people


Eugeni Castejon


Entrepreneur since the age of 19.  Founder of the company Compostadores, a pioneer specialized in residential composting. 

Founder of an association with 100 eco-entrepreneurs in Catalonia. He has promoted sustainability among young business owners in Catalonia.

He has also teamed up with Fluidra, a multinational corporation, to launch two projects: Tons of Education and Mountains of Recycling. 

Creator of the Barcelona Metro eco-station project. 


Professor of sustainability and the circular economy at the Institute for Public Security of Catalonia and at EADA Business School. 


Creator of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police) Eco-Team project for sustainability excellence in the area of police operations and environmental protection.





Entrepreneur.  Co-founder of Triboo and founder of Atípics, an entrepreneurship and leadership program for people who want to launch ideas with a positive impact. 

He designed Momentum, the first social business accelerator in Spain and Latin America. 

He has been the co-founder and director of tech firms (TotalSolution, bwin). 


He has created advergaming and online marketing campaigns (Trivideporte). He has also worked as a strategic and business consultant for a number of companies (Fractalia, Domestika). 


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Management from UAM (Spain) and RUG (Netherlands). Master’s in Foreign Trade and International Marketing from UNED and CECA. Postgraduate degree in Organizational Development and Systems with a focus on Gestalt-Systemic. Gestalt therapy training at EMTG.





Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Management from UB, and Master’s in Environmental Studies from UAB. Member of the Advisory Council for the Sustainable Development of Catalonia.  Up until July 2019, she was the Director of Sustainable Development, Energy and 2030 Agenda at Foment del Treball, an organization for which she was also the Technical Area Director. As a corporate representative, she has been a board member of the Catalan Water Agency, the Catalan Waste Agency and the Environmental Quality Council of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability. She has been Vice President of the Commission for the Economy, Taxation and the European Union, and the Commission for the Environment and Regional Development. 

On a national level, she has represented Catalonia in the National Water Council as Vice President of the Commission for Sustainable Development and the Environment of the Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain..





Keith is an international project manager focused on using business operations and the supply chain to deliver social impact and sustainability initiatives. Backed by 15 years of experience in a number of sectors, he holds an Executive MBA from ESADE as well as a Master’s degree in International Development from IBEI. His work experience has taken place across five continents and various industries. 

In the private sector, he executes strategic projects in the area of finance, logistics and consumer goods for multinational corporations. 


As a consultant for the U.S. Government, he has coordinated several water management projects, including Further Advancing the Blue Revolution Initiative and the Philippine Water Revolving Fund





As corporate affairs advisor, over the past 20 years she has assisted various organisations, institutions, foundations and companies advance their activities and address challenges, both on the European Union and the Spanish levels.

Specialising in public affairs, communications and projects management, with particular interests in partnerships building, governance and innovation, she has dedicated most of her career to impact issues such as public health and healthcare, ageing, environment, internationalisation, competitiveness and social cohesion.   

She has worked, among others, for the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the main European medical organisations (CPME and UEMO), Fundación Edad&Vida, the Catalan government and FemCAT.

Executive MBA (ESADE), MA in Public Affairs and Public Policy in the European Union (LSBU & PULV), Postgraduates in Marketing & Communications and in Corporate Social Responsibility (IE), and BA in Political Sciences and public administration (UPF). 





An experienced project manager with involvement in various industries such as publishing, education, and social impact. She has a double bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and Information Science, Publishing, from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and started working in educational publishing at Oxford University Press in Cape Town. She developed various educational books for submission to the National Department of Education and also authored her first illustrated children’s book about friendship and inclusion.

She lead and authored an illustrated children's book project about water scarcity for a non-profit organisation concerned with ecosystem restoration (Grounded). This children's book is part of an environmental awareness program.

In 2020 she completed the United Nations Master titled Social Innovation for Sustainable Development in Turin, Italy. She has also been co-leading the development of a mentoring program directed at migrant entrepreneurs for an NGO called SINGA





Designer with emphasis in communication from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. She has a masters degree in Marketing from EADA Business School and a masters in Humanities from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

She is a freelance designer and consultant in marketing, branding and graphic design and is focused in businesses with purpose and initiatives that have a positive impact and aim for a fair, green and sustainable future. She has also worked in project management, design thinking, innovation and strategy.

She is also a strategic connector between Europe and Colombia, aiming to bridge know how, technologies, investment and opportunities. 

Member of marketing and innovation committee of Grupo Hada, a family business born in 1956 that provides manufacturing services in hygiene, personal care, household care, industrial and institutional products.

She’s a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and has @Yoga4Impact, an initiative that aims to bring yogic technologies and other self-hacking tools to the current social and economic systems, highlighting the importance of mental health and emotional management.





Pol is a journalist, graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is currently studying Law at the Open University of Catalonia. He is a good communicator and has a short but intense experience working with different written and audiovisual media.

Also, he has worked in the internal communication department of CELSA Group, a large company that takes the principles of the circular economy as its work philosophy.

His strengths are communication, content writing, social media management, and his proactive attitude for any task. He also stands out for his critical sense, his capacity for improvisation and adaptation, and for being a great team worker.

He is a leisure and free time monitor and has worked as a volunteer in the Grup Escolta Xaloc of Sabadell for over 4 years, educating children and young people in values and working and instilling a critical sense.

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